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Robot vacuums are quickly becoming an essential part of every home. In fact, global shipments for these vacuums are predicted to reach 22.1 million units by 2025. The main difference between robots and traditional vacuums is the amount of human intervention needed to operate. This is determined by t



[Product News] How to pick the sweeper that makes people really good?

How to pick the sweeper that makes people really good? 7000 words detailing the sweeper purchase strategyThe sweeping robots, whether brand or function are very much, plus some strange monikers more baffling, different prices are really dazzling. So I decided to put together my own research, so that



[Product News] How much do you know about planning routes of robot vacuums

The increasingly popular sweeping robots are owned by many households, finding their way out and moving safely through irregular homes, and people always wonder: how do they really work.



[Product News] How much do you know about the anti-collision of the robot vacuums

In order to protect the robot vacuum cleaner itself and furniture from damage when cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaners on the market today come with anti-collision features. Today, we will talk to you about this anti-collision function of the robot vacuum cleaner.



[Lefant News] lefant in Las Vegas International Autumn Consumer Goods and Gift Fair

The 2021 Las Vegas Autumn Consumer Goods and Gift Show Source Market at ASD will be held in August 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition of consumer products has been held twice a year since it was first held in 1950. It is held in March and July each year. The exhibition represents the technological trends and fashion trends of related industries. It is a major trade event for consumer goods and gifts in the United States,attracting tens of thousands of retailers and distribution channels.



[Product News] How to choose a best robot vacuum

How to choose a sweeping robotRobotic vacuum cleaners can make your life a little easier. These machines can reduce the amount of time you spend doing housework, but it's important to choose the model that fits your needs and budget. Here are some things to consider when buying a sweeper, including



[Product News] How does a robot vacuum work?

As the name suggests, robot vacuum cleaner is a robot that can automatically sweep the floor. Generally speaking, after the robot vacuum cleaner is turned on, it will start from the charging base, and then scan the environment to draw a map. How to scan and draw a map?Working principle of robot vacu



[Product News] How to set up your home before a robot vacuum cleans

How to set up your home before a robot vacuum cleans Robot vacuum cleaner is a very useful helper at home. Even if you are not at home, they can automatically clean the floor, because they are equipped with all the complex sensors and intelligent map systems, but even the most advanced machines may



[Product News] How to Clean Your Room in a Fast and Fun Way

Quick cleaning techniques for the bedroomWhat do you think of when you think of your bedroom? For many people, the bedroom is the ultimate refuge of their home and a more private and personal space of peace and tranquility. The bedroom is a place to rest and relax, while eating your favorite ice cre



[Product News] How often do you clean your robot vacuums

Nowadays, our work and life are getting busier and busier, and the pressure is increasing. Many people don't have time to clean at all. Fortunately, intelligent objects are everywhere, and floor sweeping robots have become their first choice at home. So, how often do sweeping robots clean up? Is it




SHOULD YOU GET A ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER?The status of the sweeper becomes high,there are now millions of units being sold worldwide and the trend is set to continue with the development of the technology. Are Robot Vacuums worth the money?Lefant Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the Cost-effective robot



[Product News] Benefits Of A Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum cleaner, briefly, is a machine that specializes in sweeping the floor. It was first sold in the European and American markets. Finally, more and more people are using robot vacuum cleaners. Today we will systematically introduce what exactly are the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners?



[Product News] How to take care of your robot vacuum cleaning

How to take care of your robot vacuum cleaningSweeping robots have become the necessary home appliances for lazy people,、One popular robot vacuum is the Lefant vacuum that boasts of more excellent capabilities such as long battery life, working hours, and other mapping functions. After acquiring the



[Product News] Things To Know When Buying A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It's time to buy a floor sweeper,Not sure how to start your search for a robot vacuum? Our robot vacuum buying guide will help you decide what to look for. Quick tips for buying a robot vacuum cleanerStart by surveying your home.Consider whether you mostly have hard floors or carpet. If you have car



[Product News] The best robot vacuums for pet hair of 2021

It's great to have pets in your life. But with pet hair? It's just so so. It is very common for pets at home, whether cats or dogs, to lose hair. Many animals even lose their hair all year round. It can be said that it is a pleasure to roll the cat for a while, but the trouble brought by pets is far

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