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  • Q Missing realtime map/cleaning path

    A When the robot is in random cleaning mode, there is no map memory function, so it will not record the cleaning path, this is a normal phenomenon.Please switch to routed planning sweeping mode.
  • Q Driving wheel doesn't working

    A 1.Please check if there is any hair and foreign matter entangled in the drive wheel
    2.Please contact after-sales service for replacement parts
  • Q Collsion with furniture

    A When the front infrared anti-collision sensor does not detect the obstacle, the robot will physically collide to sense the presence of obstacles,This is a normal phenomenon
  • Q Side brush doesn't working

    A 1.Please check if there is any hair foreign matter entangled side brush
    2.Please contact after-sales service for replacement parts
  • Q APP prompt"host has been suspended, please move to the ground

    A The robot is suspended, please move to the flat ground
  • Q Why working with loudly noise

    A Clean the main brush, side brush, dustbin and filter, reassembly and observe. (If the dustbin has been washed, please make sure it dry completely before using it)
  • Q Weak suction power, Leaves a lot of debris on the floor

    A 1.By default is medium suction power, please adjust to the highest gear suction power through APP
    2.Please check whether the HEPA filter is blocked, please replace the HEPA filter in time
  • Q Uable to detect obstacles

    A 1.Due to the physical characteristics of anti-collision infrared sensor, dark-colored objects will not be detected, this is a normal phenomenon
    2.Please clean the front anti-collision infrared sensor, keep the surface clean
  • Q The battery is abnormal, When the battery level is 100%, It drops to 60% after 5 minutes of use

    A Please allow the robot to clean until it is completely run out of the battery, and then charge it to a full charge and try again
  • Q Notor fan abnormal

    A Please check if there are objects blocking the fan port
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