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  • Q Why Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

    The following sections will help answer your questions on the different benefits of robot vacuum cleaners.
    · Efficiency
    The robot vacuum greatly reduces how often you need to vacuum, sweep and mop your floors. And if you're not home, it can clean on a scheduled cleaning cycle. The technology improvements over the past few years have also made the vacuums much more reliable and dependable at affordable prices. 
    · Ease of Use
    Robotic vacuum cleaners work unattended and without supervision, anytime, day or night which leaves you more time to do the things you love. You can have them start themselves on pre-programmed schedules or start them manually depending on your model. Most models come with a programmable display screen for its quick set up. Newer models offer remote control guidance and wireless app control from your phone.
    · Time Saving
    Because of the ease and simplicity of programming your robotic vacuum cleaner, you can simply set it to clean when and where you want. Now it doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is with professional or social commitments; your home will already be clean after a busy day of work and life.
    · Compact Design
    Most robotic vacuum cleaners are small and compact, taking up very little space in your home. A quiet corner with access to a power outlet and you won’t even notice them! The average size of a robot vacuum cleaner is about 1ft X 1ft. Most are round, some square, and others, like Neato, a combination of both. Because of their slim, compact design, they can easily clean beneath furniture, beds and tables.
    · Intelligent Technology
    Robot vacuums use smart programming and a variety of different sensors to ensure thorough cleaning by mapping and navigating your home. They can tell where objects are such as stairs, or you can program barriers or virtual walls yourself. Most units have a docking station where they will return automatically when they have a low battery to recharge before they begin cleaning again.
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