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  • Q Can't not find the charging base

    A The charging station is placed against the wall, each side is 0.5 meters, and there is no obstacle in the front 1.5 meters. Away from signal interference, such as router TVs,mirrors, windows, etc.
  • Q Robot repeatedly cleans a place

    A Please switch to planning cleaning mode and try again to avoid the robot to enter the small space.
  • Q why unable to conect to the app?

    A 1.Check if the robot is bound by someone else's mobile app
    (1)You can log in to the original account to unbind. (Refer to the instructions for use)
    (2)Re-networking can force unbundling

    2.The robot is not connected to the network
    (1)Check whether the distribution network model you selected in the app is consistent with the actual model.
    (2)WIFI password must be entered correctly
    (3)Cannot use 5G WIFI signal
    (4)Check if the router is blacklisted
    (5)It is not recommended to use corporate WIFI or public WIFI

    3.Try AP mode
  • Q isn't working properly. tried to charge, but the chargingbase doesn't charge the device.

    A 1.Please check if the robots's chaeging contact is aligned with the charging base's charging contact
    2.Please check if the power adaptor is conected properly
  • Q Would this vacuum work on bare title loors and carpets at the same time ?

    A Lefant robot vacuum can work on bare tile floors to carpe
  • Q How long it work after being fully charged?and what's the charging time?

    A The Robotic vacuums can run about 120 mins before charge and almost 4-5h for charging time.
  • Q What's the noisy level

    A Its not loud. Slightly louder than a microwave. You can have a conversation on the phone while it runs no problem
  • Q How to connect to wifi(ez mode)?

    A Hope this video can help you .
  • Q How to link Google Home?

    A Click here, watch videos about how to link google home
  • Q How to control the robot vacuum with alexa?

    A You can click here , get more informations
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