See the lefant and iRobot Difference

Lefant and traditional vacuum cleaners
Traditional vacuum cleaners have simple PCBs with switches and resistors that enable them to just raise, suction, and filter dust. Meanwhile, robot vacuums contain more complex PCBs since they’re also designed to move on their own aside from simply cleaning the floor. Its circuitry involves interactive routing, providing automation and giving users human-quality results at the speed of a machine. As a replacement for the aforementioned manual switches, robot vacuums utilize touch sensors that address past issues like physical wear and tear and waterproofing concerns.
Lefant and Roomba
Aside from this, touch sensors improve the user experience and enable the robot to "sense" its surroundings, thereby avoiding collisions. This technology is currently seen in popular robot vacuums like the Roomba. Depending on other technical components that the robot vacuum has, designers may opt to use either rigid and flexible circuits.
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