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Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Robotic Vacuums, Upgraded 6D Collision Sensor, 1800pa WiFi/App/Alexa, Self-Charging, Super-Small Size,Quiet,Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpets, M201

Anti-drop Technology

Drop sensors monitor the floor situation continuously. The robotic vacuum can detect your stairs to avoid falling down. and maneuver away from stairs for cleaning all-around your home.

Dustbin & Water Tank Dustbin capacity(ml): 600
Dustbin Filter layers: 3
Dustbin(individual): Y
Dustbin/Water Tank interchangable: Optional
Dustbin & Water Tank 2-in-1 Design:
Roller Brush Size(L*W,mm): 140*33
Roller Brush Type(Floating):
Roller Brush Type(Normal): Y
Water Tank: Y
Water Tank Capacity(ml): 300
"Water Tank Type(Electromagnetic valve)": Optional
Water volume regulating: Y
Water tank detection: Optional
Cloth area(cm²): 260

Freemove Technical Advantages

Simple structure with few failures

The FreeMove all-in-one body solves wear, deformation, and dust accumulation problems of the conventional mechanical bumper designs.

Why Choose Lefant?

High Success and Coverage Rate

Compact bodies can cover narrower spaces, unlike larger vacuum bodies.

As you head out into the world again, your Lefant robot vacuum will make sure you come back to a clean home. Just the way you like it.

Voice Control

Clean without lifting a finger. Simply tell your robot using Alexa and Google Assistant when and where you want it to clean.

Trap allergens

A double HEPA filtration system effectively blocks particles and prevents secondary pollution. The high-performance filter is designed to capturing up to 99% of dust, dander, and pet allergens.

Upgraded Free-Move Technology 2.0

Lefant M210 robotic vacuum uses cutting-edge 6D built-in 360-degree anti-collision infrared sensors to help the robot vacuum sense its surroundings. It can even sense objects above it which prevents it from getting stuck. Anti-dropping sensors also prevent the robot vacuums from falling off high places.

Durable batteries

The M201 uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries which are safe and durable.   The Lefant M201 Auto Vacuum Cleaner Robot up to 100 minutes run time or approximately 1100 sqft and robotic vacuum cleaner will go back to the charging base automatically when it runs out of battery or finishes vacuuming.

Brushless motor

Unique brushless motor design features low power consumption, small size, and strong suction (1800 Pa) to ensure thorough cleaning of your home.

Large Dustbin Capacity

A double HEPA filtration system effectively blocks particles and prevents secondary pollution. 500 mL dustbin holds more dust per cleaning.

Endurance Cleaning

Cleans up to 100 mins per charge, or approximately 1100 sq ft, so you get to enjoy a completely clean home from a single charge.

3 Cleaning modes

Edge clean mode: Sweep along the edges of the entire house, thoroughly cleaning the corners and edges.

Spot clean mode: Repeat cleaning of small spaces until it is completely clean.

Automatic clean mode: Thoroughly clean the whole floor by simply pressing the start button. 

Sensing capabilities

Built-in anti-collision sensors help the robot avoid bumping into and scratching your furniture and walls. Anti-dropping sensors mounted on the bottom of the robot prevent falling downstairs and off ledges.

Remote control and scheduling

You can select the cleaning mode, check the status of the cleaning activity in real time, and schedule the cleaning in advance from the Lefant Life App, available for both iOS and Android systems.

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