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The Lefant M210 is one of the most compact quiet robotic vacuums in the market with powerful suction. At 2.8” H and only 11” L, this wireless robot vacuum can reach tight spaces and clean under furniture easily and efficiently.

Designed with Built-in anti-collision sensors, object mapping, 360-degree sensors, multiple cleaning modes, and long battery life make this vacuum unbeatable. Safe for carpet or hardwood floors. Handles pet and human hair clean up with tangle-free technology. Create your own cleaning schedule using the Lefant app and voice control. Cleaning your home is now easier than ever.

Upgraded Free-Move Technology 2.0

Lefant M210 robotic vacuum uses cutting-edge 6D built-in 360-degree anti-collision infrared sensors to help the robot vacuum sense its surroundings. It can even sense objects above it which prevents it from getting stuck. Anti-dropping sensors also prevent the robot vacuums from falling off high places.


Trap allergens

A double HEPA filtration system effectively blocks particles and prevents secondary pollution. The high-performance filter is designed to capturing up to 99% of dust, dander, and pet allergens.

Compact Design

Small, ultra-thin body, with powerful suction. The Lefant M210 vacuum can reach tight spaces and clean under furniture easily and efficiently.

Long Life Battery

The Lefant M210 Auto Vacuum Cleaner Robot up to 100 minutes run time or approximately 1100 sq ft. It uses 1800mah lithium iron phosphate batteries which are safe and durable and long-lasting.

Strong Suction

Strong suction with tangle-free hair clean-up technology. Lefant uses rubber brushes, so pet and human hair clean-up is a breeze. Perfect for pet owners. 

Automatically Self-Charging

This self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner will go back to the charging base automatically when it runs out of battery or finishes vacuuming.

Items Included With Lefant M210 Vacuum

The M210 robotic vacuum cleaner, charging base, 19V power adapter, 500ML large dust bin, 1 HEPA filter,2 side brushes, remote control, machine cleaning brush for daily maintenance, user manual.





FreeMove Technology

2nd Gen

2nd Gen

2nd Gen

2nd Gen

Sweeping & Mopping

Can buy accessories to achieve mopping function

Only Sweeping

Only Sweeping

Sweeping & Mopping

Max Suction Power





Max Runtime





Dust Collector Capacity





Product Height

2.8 inch

2.8 inch

3.1 inch

3.1 inch

Wi-Fi Connected





Carpet boost

APP, Alexa and Google Assistant


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 16  Review(s)

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5    After-sales service is very good, solve my problem

By  NOE  on 2021-08-25

I've been using robot vaccum cleaner for a month, in almost a full month, I don't know why there was a problem, there was no problem before, then I contacted the after-sales service, quickly gave me a solution to the problem. This sweeper fits my requirements perfectly, and the replacement is also

5    after about a month of use, I'm very pleased.

By  Elle  on 2021-08-24

My mutt sheds A LOT and this does the job. It can get stuck on cords and thicker rugs, so I only use it when I'm home so the motor doesn't burn up. It's a tad loud, but not terrible. It's actually fun to watch as it zig zags around the house! The battery seems to have a long life, but it's hard to say because I only use it on the main floor of our smallish house.

5    This little robot has really helped me

By  Sa  on 2021-08-24

I bought the lefant robot vacuum M210 to help me with my two dogs shedding. I don't have the time to clean daily so when I bought it I was skeptic but when I started using it really works well, level of noise is not high, suction is good pick up a lot of my dogs hair and dirt.

5    Better than more expensive brands!

By  Shannon  on 2021-08-23

I love this robot vacuum cleaner. It's easy to use, has solid suction, and lasts a long time.

5    At this price point, you will not be disappointed

By  Holliister  on 2021-08-20

Just received the goods, sweeping robot is very small, the color is very nice, the operation is quite simple, after all, there is no complex program for this price, the basic cleaning function is very good, in line with my requirements.

5    The white is really eye-catching and looks great.

By  LM  on 2021-08-18

For this price, do not ask too much, but the robot vaccum cleaner really has many advantages greatly exceeds the price, at least look at the appearance, where to guess that it is so cheap。

5    Cheap! Really cheap! If you buy it on the event day, it's a great deal!

By  beth  on 2021-08-18

I chose this model because it wasn’t too expensive and it also has the option of being able to mop as well which is very handy. It has gone underneath our couches and not gotten stuck which was a surprise.I am super happy with my purchase and would recommend anyone to get this robot vacuum cleaner.

5    I have been wanting to get a robot vacuum for a while now

By  ili.K  on 2021-08-18

The vacuum cleans my entire living room at the touch of one button and it does it quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner. My floor is left free of dirt and the floor isn’t scratched in the process of cleaning.

5    My wife loves it because she doesn't have to work hard to clean

By  Robert  on 2021-08-08

To my surprise the cute robot vacuum cleaner works amazing I mean I didn't expect that. I was able to see the map on my phone app and as well as battery percentage. This robot is very intelligent, it does not get stuck underneath sofas and dining table, it always know its way out and also goes itself to charging deck when done cleaning.

5    I love lefant so much! This is the second one

By  TEY.K  on 2021-08-08

It is not a big expensive brand, Lefant suits me very well, this is my second purchase, did not let me down
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