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  • [Product News] Advantages of Robot Vacuum for Small Apartment

    Vacuuming can require a lot of energy and time to complete. However, there is a way to ensure that it becomes a more straightforward process that requires less effort. That is by the use of robot vacuum cleaners. Most people are investing in this appliance as it helps them to finish their vacuuming Read More

  • [Product News] How often should I run the cleaning robot? Statistics and recommendations

    How often you should smoke depends on various factors. If you have robot vacuum cleaners, there are more.The cleaning robot can be used daily or every other day. This is also the manufacturer's recommendation. Regular use can keep the battery suitable and prolong its service life.According to statis Read More


    Ownership of robot vacuums and floor cleaners has slowly been growing since the first robot vacuum cleaners were launched to market around the turn of the century. There are now millions of units being sold worldwide and the trend is set to continue with the development of the technology. Read More

  • [Industry News] Solving Robotic Vacuum Challenges for Tomorrow’s Consumer

    Modern robotic vacuums deliver consistent performance and enhanced cleaning features, but continue to struggle with uneven terrain and navigation challenges. Multi-axis motion sensors are key to unlocking the full potential of robotic cleaners.The earliest robotic vacuums did one thing passably well Read More

  • [Product News] Can a Robotic Vacuum Replace Your Upright?

    Can a Robotic Vacuum Replace Your Upright?Well, no, but there's a lot more to the story of hands-free cleaning。 Imagine relaxing with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning as your vacuum runs itself underneath the sofa and media console, gobbling up dust bunnies and furballs before moving on to the Read More

  • [Product News] The best robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning kitchen clutter (and your regular clutter)

    When looking for the best robotic vacuum cleaner, as in life, it's important to manage your expectations.It's natural to look for a panacea: you've been at home for months, cleaning yourself and your loved ones. You are shocked by the ability of human beings to create chaos; You are dissatisfied wit Read More

  • [Product News] Is the robot vacuum practical?

    Is the robot vacuum practical?Due to the limitation of navigation planning technology, the coverage and obstacle avoidance effect of the early robot vacuum are not satisfactory. However, in recent years, with the change and popularization of laser navigation technology of the sweeper, the coverage r Read More

  • [Product News] Basic composition of a robot vacuum

    Basic composition of a robot vacuumThe arrival of industrial revolution 4.0 has changed this era! Also change your living environment! In this era, robot service for you is no longer a fantasy! Read More

  • [Product News] How to use the robot vacuum more efficiently

    In theory, robot vacuums are the perfect solution for maintaining a spotless home without having to lift a finger. Many new models (including affordable ones) feature everything from laser navigation sensors to map your floor plan, to phone and voice control for the ultimate in kick-back cleaning. Read More

  • [Product News] How often change a robot vacuum filters

    How often change a robot vacuum filters In the last article, we talked about the maintenance of robot vacuum, Understand the importance of maintenance for robot vacuum, one of the maintenance items is to replace parts, so the more important question is how often change a robot vacuum filters. Read More

  • [Product News] How to maintain the robot vacuum

    If you regularly use your robot vacuum, we recommend you take good care of it. That means you regularly clean the sensors and filter, and clean or replace the brushes and wheels. This is very important for the lifespan of your robot vacuum. Read More

  • [Product News] How to choose a great robot vacuum

    It wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that technological advancements in most departments have changed the way we lead our lives today. Gone are the times once we had to toil hard reception to urge our daily tasks done. With the arrival of new-age electrical appliances, we found great support in o Read More

  • [Product News] What is a sweeping robot?

    Sweeping robots, also known as automatic sweepers, smart vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, etc., are a type of smart household appliances that can automatically complete floor cleaning in the room with a certain artificial intelligence. Generally speaking, robots that complete cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping are also collectively classified as sweeping robots. Read More

  • [Product News] Robotic Vacuum Cleaners - Cleaning Technology of the Future?

    Domestic robots not exist simply within the minds of fantasy authors. Domestic robots, or robots used for household chores, are getting increasingly common and popular, with several leading vacuum manufacturers developing their own unique models. New models of robot vacuum cleaners are constantly hi Read More

  • [Product News] Why you need a smart robot vacuum?

    Why we'd like a vacuum cleaner? Maybe for tons of individuals especially housewife, cleaning home is a routine work to try to to , even it is a never ending work with children in your house. It can eats up most of some time Read More

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