Is a robot vacuum cleaner an IQ tax?

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Is a robot vacuum cleaner an IQ tax?

Is a robot vacuum cleaner an IQ tax?


Laundry, sweeping, cooking, which chore is the most headache? Many people will choose to sweep the floor. Washing clothes with the help of washing machines, cooking can enjoy the cooking process, only sweeping the floor, let people dusty, back pain, not to say, a day without cleaning, the floor will be full of dust, hair, debris ...... cycle repeatedly, it is crazy.

The good thing is that technology has changed life, and now there are sweeping robots to help, and more and more people are using it to free their hands from the annoyance of housework.

But there are also greedy sweeping robots, but also afraid to pay the IQ tax people have a lot of questions in their minds: such a small thing, can really replace the hands to sweep the floor clean? There are so many things in the house, it really will not hit it? Buy home is really not idle on the side of the dust?

In fact, the robot vacuum cleaner is not an IQ tax, which is asking whether the sweeping robot is worth buying, whether it can effectively meet people's needs and solve people's cleaning problems, so these needs and problems are actually the navigation ability of the sweeping robot, obstacle avoidance ability, cleaning ability, range ability, etc.


Robot Vacuum Navigation Ability

Want to let the sweeping robot instead of hands to complete the ground cleaning, navigation technology is the key. In order to better solve the problem of letting the sweeping robot know where it is and clearly where it is going, to help users get rid of the chicken and egg routine.


Similar to the various types of navigation software on cell phones, the navigation of the sweeping robot is the movement of the object in accordance with the pre-determined task orders, according to the known map to make global path planning, and in the course of action, constantly perceive the local environmental information, make a variety of decisions, and at any time to adjust their own position and posture, to guide their own safe walking, until they reach their destination. SLAM can be understood as the process of map detection, which synchronously corrects the position information and matches with the established map during the machine's travel to ensure that the robot does not fail to find its way during the travel due to accumulated errors.


There are various kinds of navigation for robot vacuum cleaner, which are generally divided into visual navigation and laser navigation.


Visual navigation mainly involves installing a visual camera on the sweeping robot to collect the information it sees, and after algorithmic processing, derive an environmental model to achieve the best path for autonomous movement. Its advantage is the low cost, with the help of big data will be able to solve the technical route, so in the sweeping robot, visual navigation also occupies a place. But there is also a very obvious problem, the premise of visual ranging to measure accurate, and in practice, visual ranging often bit drift, in the sweeper's camera to obtain environmental information to calculate the distance, during if the data processing and algorithm can not keep up, the distance data will form a deviation.


Laser navigation is to obtain environmental information by laser, measuring the distance information from itself to the obstacle by laser, and likewise after algorithm processing, derive the environmental model, so as to obtain real-time positioning and walking route. In recent years, with the decline in the cost of LIDAR, with the popularity of laser navigation of the sweeping robot is increasing, and the performance is also more excellent, not only the distance measurement accuracy is high, in the resolution is also more advantageous, making the sweeper in the map accuracy and positioning more accurate.


Robot Vacuum Obstacle Avoidability

Navigation makes the robot vacuum cleaner "know the way", obstacle avoidance ability affects user experience and efficiency. The majority of people who think that sweeping robots are an IQ tax think that sweeping robots are often blocked by obstacles on the ground, or because of problems with route planning and brainless collisions under tables, chairs and benches, not as flexible as people.


In fact, there are already several mainstream industry-leading obstacle avoidance technologies, namely 3D TOF obstacle avoidance, monocular visual obstacle avoidance, binocular visual obstacle avoidance and so on.


When it comes to 3D TOF, we should not be unfamiliar with it. iPad Pro achieves a superb AR experience by carrying a TOF module. It is based on the principle of using infrared light source to emit high-frequency light pulses to the object, and then receive the light pulses reflected back from the object, and calculate the distance of the measured object from the camera by detecting the flight (round trip) time of the light pulses.


For the robot vacuum cleaner, to achieve the best obstacle avoidance effect, it is necessary to identify the obstacles with the help of images and then judge the motion trajectory. Therefore, the most advanced sweeping robot technology has introduced computer recognition technology, monocular visual obstacle avoidance and binocular visual obstacle avoidance are the two mainstream visual obstacle avoidance methods, both can reach 2K resolution.


Lefant T800 has built-in anti-collision sensors to help the robot avoid bumping and scratching your furniture and walls. Use the lefant app and voice control to create your own cleaning schedule, which can be found at:


Robot Vacuum Cleaning ability

The cleaning ability of the sweeping robot is the top priority, and the core criterion for determining whether it is an IQ tax.


The suction power of the sweeping robot refers to the absolute vacuum of the fan, which is the maximum negative pressure value that the fan gets at the air inlet when there is no air convection. On the other hand, the cleaning ability is affected by the suction power of the fan, but also by the suction port, duct structure, dust box and other complete cleaning system with the impact. Suction power is one of the most important factors.


Sweeping robots can also eliminate fine micro-dust and deeply capture dusty waste that is difficult to see with the naked eye, such as keratin, dander, mites, etc., to improve environmental health. The sweeping robot veneer detaches from deep stain removal and gently removes stains without hurting the floor. And some have the function of automatic water seepage even mopping.

The sweeping robot also has a self-cleaning function, divided into two kinds of automatic dust collection and automatic cleaning. The former is the robot every time after sweeping and charging, the dust collection base will automatically suck the dirt in the dust box into the disposable dust collection bag. The dust collection bag can hold dozens of dust boxes of dust, basically once a month to change. The latter is a robot mopping will be timed back to charge, in the charging base automatically clean rags, so as to avoid a rag wipe the bottom of the situation, greatly enhance the effectiveness of mopping.


The Lefant M201 robot uses a vacuum cleaner with a slim design that can be installed in small spaces,it has 3 cleaning modes.

Edge cleaning mode: sweeps along the entire edge of the house, thoroughly cleaning corners and edges.

Spot cleaning mode: repeatedly cleans small spaces until it is completely clean.

Auto Clean Mode: Thoroughly cleans the entire floor by simply pressing the start button.

For more information, you can go to this URL for:


Robot Vacuum Endurance

The battery is the energy source of the robot vacuum cleaner. The battery determines the endurance index of the robot. The single working time of the robot and the single cleaning area are related to the quality and capacity of the battery. Therefore, the better the quality of the battery, the longer the working time of the robot, the lower the charging frequency, on the one hand, it can improve the working efficiency of the robot, on the other hand, it can also extend the service life of the robot.


In addition to the battery capacity, you should also choose the type of battery. Different types of batteries have different charge and discharge times, stability, life, and safety. And when the sweeper is not working, most of them are in the charging state. The safety and stability of the battery must be considered. If the overcharge occurs, it is likely to cause accidents such as fire.


At present, there are several commonly used batteries for sweeping robots.

Polymer lithium ion battery: small, light, no memory effect, with the use of charge, low self-discharge rate, general safety and stability, expensive.

Nickel metal hydride battery: high safety, good stability, cheap price, but large volume, heavy, memory effect, can not quickly charge, high self discharge rate.

Lithium iron phosphate power battery: light weight, no memory effect, with the use of charge, low self-discharge rate, large capacity, high humidity resistance, can be large current rapid discharge, long life and environmental protection, but large volume, in the micro battery does not have the advantage.


The Lefant M210 automatic vacuuming robot has a maximum run time of 100 minutes or about 1100 square feet. It uses an 1800mah lithium iron phosphate battery, which is safe, durable and long-lasting, and can be found at:



With the continuous development of technology, sweeping robots are also constantly improving, after the superiority of the sweeping machine people, can greatly meet the needs of people, will no longer become "intelligence tax"

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