How to use the robot vacuum more efficiently

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How to use the robot vacuum more efficiently

  • Take It for a Test Run

  • Clear Cords and Curtains

  • Tuck in Tassels and Stow Away Shag

  • Clean Your Vacuum

  • Find the Charging Sweet Spot


In theory, robot vacuums are the perfect solution for maintaining a spotless home without having to lift a finger. Many new models (including affordable ones) feature everything from laser navigation sensors to map your floor plan, to phone and voice control for the ultimate in kick-back cleaning.


But in practice, robot vacuums require a little more human intervention than you might expect. They can get tripped up on wires, rugs, and everyday household clutter, or lose their way on the path back to the charging dock. Luckily, after testing scores of robotic vacuums, weve figured out our way around many of these easily avoidable obstacles.


Take It for a Test Run

Since the layout of every home is different, carve out some time to observe your robot vacuum on its first few runs. This lets you see how well it steers around (and underneath) your furniture, and where it gets stuck. You'll then have an easier time configuring your space so it can easily operate without any problems.


Clear Cords and Curtains

It's common for the main brush on a robot vacuum to get stuck on cords and long curtains, stopping it dead in its tracks. Sometimes, it even takes cords along for the ride. To prevent these scenarios from happening, make sure to clear your floors of phone chargers and other cords, and tie up any long curtains before sending your robot off to clean.


Tuck in Tassels and Stow Away Shag

In addition to wires, tassels on the ends of rugs are a challenge for many robot vacuums. While most of the time they are capable of wiggling their way free, the main brush tends to leave them looking bunched up or mangled. To prevent the vacuum from getting caught in tassels or ruining your rug completely, tuck them underneath before starting your cleaning session.


Clean Your Vacuum

Be sure to regularly clean your robot vacuum. That includes emptying the dustbin, cleaning dust and debris off the filters, and cutting away any hair that's tangled on the brushes. You'll also want to periodically wipe off the anti-drop sensors and charging contacts on the bottom of the robot. It's important to keep up with these maintenance tasks if you want your vacuum to stay in tip-top shape and effectively do its job.

About every six months to a year, swap out the filter for a fresh one. Some robot vacuums come with an extra filter in the box, or you can usually purchase replacements online.


Find the Charging Sweet Spot

Flat surfaces like hardwood or tile floors are the best places for your charging station. Thats because carpet can restrict air flow to the battery and cause things to overheat.


In addition to charging on a non-carpeted surface, make sure your spot is against a wall and not in a busy area. This will help prevent a potentially dangerous (and embarrassing) trip-and-fall. An unused corner or guest bedroom can be good places for the charging station just be sure the vacuum has an unobstructed path to and from it.

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