How to take care of your robot vacuum cleaning

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How to take care of your robot vacuum cleaning

Robot Vacuum Maintenance Tips.

Robot Vacuum often check

Points to note when using a robot vacuum


Sweeping robots have become the necessary home appliances for lazy people,、

One popular robot vacuum is the Lefant vacuum that boasts of more excellent capabilities such as long battery life, working hours, and other mapping functions. After acquiring the robot vacuums, the challenging part that comes is the management of the robot vacuum. Since robot vacuums are some latest inventions, many people are not used to its maintenance. As such, this piece answers the question, "How do you take care of a robot vacuum?"


Robot Vacuum Maintenance Tips.

Timely cleaning of the dust collection box

sweeping robot cleaning out the garbage is collected through the dust collection box, after the sweeping robot finished work on the robot's dust collection box timely clean up a little to avoid garbage clogging.

Timely clean up the corners

the side brush of the sweeping robot is used to clean the corners, there may be hair entangled in the spindle of the side brush, too much hair will not only hinder the spindle rotation, affecting the cleaning effect, energy consumption will also increase accordingly, it is recommended to clean up in a timely manner.

Timely cleaning of the filter

filter is the equipment for filtering garbage, in the daily use of the process will have corrosive substances adhering to its surface, it is recommended that timely cleaning to avoid corrosion of the filter.


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Robot Vacuum often check

We should check the integrity and wear degree of the brush seal of the sweeping robot, the more serious wear seal and brush to be replaced, while the replacement also needs to check the tension of the connection parts, and use the appropriate tools to check it.

Check the wear and tear of the lines of the sweeping robot, and depending on the severity of wear and tear to replace the repair, to ensure that the circuit does not appear short circuit and other phenomena

For the electric sweeping robot we should focus on it controller, motor maintenance and maintenance work, the operation is not normal and excessive noise should be looking for professional technicians to repair and maintenance.

The battery as the main power source of the sweeping robot, we must do a good job of its maintenance work, first of all, check whether it is normal to use a year after the loss of power and discharge, for the occurrence of loss of power and discharge of more serious battery we should be timely repair. And according to the battery's acid position to add accordingly.

Check the operating condition of the seat safety contact switch, check the battery acid position, check the tightness of the drive belt, wear and tear and operating condition. (V-shaped belt, round belt), check the wear and tear of each side brush for proper adjustment and replacement.

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Points to note when using a robot vacuum

1, do not place the sweeping robot in a humid environment, otherwise it is easy to make the motor moisture and short circuit, burn the motor.

2, take care not to put matches, cigarette butts and other easy items inhaled into the sweeping robot.

3, do not avoid long continuous use of the sweeping robot, if you feel the body overheating, you should stop using it after a period of time to prevent the motor overheating and burned.

4, the bottom of the sweeping robot body is the hardest hit by the accumulation of dust, if too much dust accumulates there, it will not only obscure the infrared sensor, it may also enter the machine inside causing a short circuit on the motherboard, which will burn the machine.

5, when not using the floor robot, please turn off the switch after the electricity is full and disconnect the power for proper storage, and then use it again when fully charged.



Above is how to maintain the floor robot and maintenance knowledge of the first content, a good use of habits and maintenance skills can help the floor robot has a better cleaning effect and practical life, if you want to know more about the floor robot news, welcome to click on the following website to understand:







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