How to Clean Your Room in a Fast and Fun Way

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How to Clean Your Room in a Fast and Fun Way

  • Quick cleaning techniques for the bedroom

  • Ways to make cleaning a room fun

What do you think of when you think of your bedroom? For many people, the bedroom is the ultimate refuge of their home and a more private and personal space of peace and tranquility. The bedroom is a place to rest and relax, while eating your favorite ice cream, watching your programs recorded on DVR, and finally reading the latest best sellers, or with your 2-year-old. Sleep, of course!

Your bedroom may not be as crowded as the rest of your home, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be cleaned regularly. After all, this is where you breathe indoor air for the longest time every day. The bedroom attracts dust more easily than anything else (unless you have children, the bedroom also collects picture books, straw cups, toys and plush animals). Messy books, magazines, late night snacks or anything else you bring into your bedroom will also create a less relaxed, let alone dirtier place.

Imagine your bedroom rushing to get ready for the day after a week's morning, plus lying down, folding clothes and reading magazines at night. Whether your bedroom is medium-sized or equivalent to a closet with windows, here are some tips to clean your room quickly and effectively, and provide some ideas to help work through, we dare say, a little fun.

Quick cleaning techniques for the bedroom

Cleaning a messy bedroom may seem like a difficult task, but if you make a simple plan, you can clean it up completely in a record time. Assess your bedroom and the time you need to really participate in the process. If you plan it well, you can finish a lot of work in a very short time!

Here's a basic speed cleaning roadmap to take your daily work to the next level:

First, take the garbage bag and pick up the garbage around the room. Removing rubbish ensures that you do not spill or stain the sheets when cleaning.

Next, take care of the bed. A neat bed with smooth blankets and neat pillows set the tone for the whole room. If you have time to change the sheets, please do it first. If not, shake the blanket on the floor to refresh it, and then make the bed. The neat bed can also place items such as photo frames or books. You can arrange them neatly and put them back easily after cleaning.

Put the sundries in its place. Straighten bedside table items, such as lights and trinkets, and bring any kitchen items back to their proper location. Put the clothes in the laundry box or pile them up in the wardrobe for later folding. If you have items from other rooms around you, please start sorting the pile, you can remove them and deal with them later. We want the bedroom to be clean, not a "where are we going" game.

Wipe furniture with microfiber dust-proof wipes. When you are in a hurry, who needs polishing spray and rag? Precut and folded microfiber cloth is very suitable for dust removal of furniture, TV, bookshelf and photo frame.

Vacuum or clean the floor. This is an essential step because a lot of dust and debris are deposited here. A quick run around the room will be very effective. If you have more time, make a second rotation.

For consistency, start at a corner of the room and walk around it in one direction. If you walk around aimlessly, you may lose your attention. In addition, try to do one housework at a time rather than multiple housework at once. If you don't have time to vacuum or dust the shutters, and you try anyway, you won't be able to finish the work well.

Ways to make cleaning a room fun

There is no doubt that removing dust and garbage and refreshing bed sheets and curtains are necessary for your overall health. This is also crucial to keeping your home healthy. Can it really make cleaning the room fun? Follow these tips and you will have a clean room unknowingly.

Let yourself move (more) - play happy music to keep your body and brain alive. Fast paced songs will help you lift your feet, while a steady beat will keep you focused on the task. When you sing with your favorite pop star, you may be surprised at how fast you clean your room! Bonus: don't go to the gym!

Challenge yourself - if you are a competitive person, try to challenge cleaning. Can you vacuum the floor in five minutes? Do you change your bed sheets in less time than the advertisement on TV? By setting small obstacles for yourself, you can complete the whole task in a very short time.

Reward yourself - use what you like, such as a cup of coffee or watching your favorite reality show, as a motivation to get the job done. Anyway, you may watch the program, but would you be more satisfied if you completed your task in advance?

Involve your children - this may sound counterproductive, but cleaning with your children can help reduce some of your work and create unexpected bonding time. Young children will be proud to help, while older children can practice math (calculate how long it takes to fold pillowcases) and learn science (anyway, where is the dust in the vacuum?)

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