How often should I run the cleaning robot? Statistics and recommendations

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How often should I run the cleaning robot? Statistics and recommendations

How often should I run the cleaning robot?

How often you should smoke depends on various factors. If you have robot vacuum cleaners, there are more.

The cleaning robot can be used daily or every other day. This is also the manufacturer's recommendation. Regular use can keep the battery suitable and prolong its service life.

According to statistics, most cleaning robot owners let their vacuum cleaner robots run three to four times a week.

Since the manufacturer's and experienced users' recommendations are the same, the following cleaning frequencies can be recommended for your cleaning robot:

How clean do you want your floor to be?

Of course, the answer largely depends on your personal feelings and what you feel comfortable with. Is it more important for you that your home is clean or everything must look like a clean room?

Once you answer this question, it's important to know how much dust and dirt the floor is exposed to in daily life. Do you have a big house or a small apartment? Do you have a pet with fur? How many people are there in your family and how old are they?

These are all factors that answer the question of how clean the floor should be and how long you should let the cleaning robot run.

What kind of floor do you have?

Your floor type is also important to the question of how often you vacuum. Of course, carpets absorb more dirt and dust than hard floors.
Your cleaning robot also needs to be cleaned on carpets, not on tile or hardwood floors. The easier it is to clean the ground, the less often you need it to run.
For the best situation where there are hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, no carpets, no pets and only a few active people in the home, in principle, it is enough to let your cleaning robot run once a week. However, you should still run at least three times a week to avoid weakening the battery.
So the worst-case scenario is a family with children, pets and all kinds of carpets. In this case, you will not be able to avoid running the cleaning robot every day.

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