How often do you clean your robot vacuums

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How often do you clean your robot vacuums

  • How often does the robot vacuum clean

  • Is the robot vacuum easy to use or the electric mop?

  • Personal suggestions

Nowadays, our work and life are getting busier and busier, and the pressure is increasing. Many people don't have time to clean at all. Fortunately, intelligent objects are everywhere, and robot vacuum have become their first choice at home. So, how often do robot vacuum clean up? Is it easy to use a robot vacuum or an electric mop?


How often does the robot vacuum clean

During daily cleaning, the side brush and roller brush are usually entangled by fine objects such as hair and wool. If they cannot be cleaned regularly, the motor will be subjected to large torque due to high load, resulting in motor heating. If the winding situation is light over time, it will increase the battery load and affect the battery life. If it is serious, it will directly burn the motor. The robot vacuum is equipped with a special cleaning brush, You can also use a toothbrush and other tools for thorough cleaning.

The infrared sensing area in the front of the fuselage is one of the important modules of the robot vacuum. In order to avoid the infrared beam from being obscured by dust, it is also one of the regular cleaning work to wipe the sensing area with a dry cloth regularly.

The bottom of the fuselage is a disaster area where dust is easier to accumulate. Too much dust will not only shield the infrared sensor, but also enter the machine interior, causing machine failure. At the same time, hair is easy to be drawn into the tire module, affecting the forward speed of the robot vacuum.

Our robot vacuum suggests that you thoroughly clean your robot vacuum once every 3-5 cleaning cycles. It only takes 10 minutes each time, but the effect is excellent. May your sweeping dog babies be more energetic for a long time!


Is the robot vacuum easy to use or the electric mop?


Let's look at the robot vacuum first

Another interesting name of the robot vacuum is the lazy sweeper. It can be said that it is a kind of intelligent household appliances and has a certain degree of artificial intelligence. The robot vacuumt can clean the floor in our home according to the program we set; The working modes of the robot vacuum are brush sweeping and vacuum. It sweeps the sundries on the ground into the garbage storage box in the body, so as to complete the cleaning of the ground.

The future development direction of robot vacuum is also very good. More advanced artificial intelligence will bring more advanced sweeping effect. It can save us a lot of manpower. Of course, it can also save us the cost of cleaning.

Personal experience of using the robot vacuum: the sweeping effect of the robot vacuum on the large space surface is really good and clean; However, hidden corners such as wall corners and cabinet corners are not cleaned well, and it is easy to get stuck. It's hard to say whether the robot purchased by individuals is not intelligent enough or for other reasons. It's not so easy to use anyway.

Attention during use: the floor robot vacuum has electricity and moves around. If it is operated carelessly during use, it may cause fire, which we need to pay special attention to. In addition, the robot vacuum can not be used in a humid environment and can not absorb water, which may also lead to electric short circuit and fire. Another inflammable and explosive item should never be inhaled into the interior of the robot vacuum. Another point is that the robot vacuum cannot be used for a long time, which will cause the body to overheat and burn out the motor.


Let's look at the electric mop

In fact, the electric mop is very simple. It is a cover with a double shaft motor inside, and some have a set of battery boxes. The working principle is similar to that of the robot vacuum, but it is not so intelligent.

When using the electric mop, it is very clean and convenient to clean the mop. In particular, it has a long service life and high use value.

Analysis and comparison of the two

When we buy something, we must first compare the price. robot vacuum may cost two or three thousand yuan, while electric mops cost only a few hundred yuan; The price difference between the two is relatively large, so you have to look at your own situation and see what kind of purchase is more valuable.

Personally, I think the cleaning effect of electric mop is better than that of robot vacuum. However, the electric mop can not completely liberate manpower, and people have to hold it; The robot vacuum can sweep the floor by itself, leaving us alone.

Finally, his durable feature is that the floor robot vacuum is obviously not as durable as the electric mop. When I bought a floor robot vacuum, I probably stopped cooking after more than a year. The electric mop I bought has no problem for two or three years.

Personal suggestions

If your family has more money, buy a better robot vacuum. If the money is poor, buy an electric mop. In addition, if we're lazy, we'll buy a robot vacuum. If you like doing housework, buy an electric mop or even an ordinary mop.

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