How much do you know about planning routes of robot vacuums

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How much do you know about planning routes of robot vacuums

  • How does a robot vacuum work

  • Robot vacuum ’Seeing’ through sensors

  • Robot vacuum’s mapping

How does a robot vacuum work

The increasingly popular sweeping robots are owned by many households, finding their way out and moving safely through irregular homes, and people always wonder: how do they really work.


Robot vacuum ’seeing’ through sensors

To effectively clean a room, a robot needs to move freely through the space while staying out of trouble. But they don’t see the world the way we do, even when there is a camera onboard. Instead, they use various sensors to detect obstacles and other hazards, measure how far they’ve travelled, and discover new areas to cover.


Robot vacuum’s mapping

Newer, higher-end robot vacuums include self-navigation systems that use mapping technology. Each manufacturer implements its own particular spin on mapping, but each of them is currently built around two slightly different methods.

One uses an onboard digital camera to take pictures of walls, ceilings, doorways, furniture and other landmarks.

Another method is used in a vacuum environment, using a laser rangefinder to measure the distance of objects in the vacuum path. In either case, the robotic vacuum uses the data it collects in combination with information from other sensors to gradually build a map of the room during the initial cleaning.


Whichever way you plan your route, the robot vacuum is designed to make cleaning easier, If you still want to know more, please click the link below:

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