Buy a robot vacuum or a vacuum cleaner

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Buy a robot vacuum or a vacuum cleaner

How many people are tired of cleaning work?
How many couples quarrel over who does the housework?
How many families are unhappy with cleaning?

If you are one of them, do you need to change it? A weapon that you can take advantage of may change your status quo.

For every family, health is an important thing that cannot be ignored. Family health is particularly important from an aesthetic and health perspective. But if you are cleaning it now, it's a broom or dustpan. Sorry, you're out. Smart users have already prepared vacuum cleaners, and in recent years, the appearance of sweeping robots seems to be a new favorite of users. Of course, it is because of more choice, many users are in a dilemma, how to choose vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot?

What are the differences between the two products before you choose?

To know how to choose, if you have to know how the two products are different?

1. Different working principles

Vacuum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner rotates at high speed through the motor, and generates air flow to suck garbage in, and the whole process is "suction". Dust enters the dust collecting drum through the ground brush and main suction pipe. Under the act of centrifugal force, the dust is left in the dust drum, and the air is discharged outside the machine through the filter screen.
Sweeping robot: the cleaning principle of the sweeping robot is rolling brush or glue brush + vacuum suction port is used to brush up garbage, and then vacuum suction port is inhaled. The whole process is "sweep" + "suction". During the cleaning process, the robot can complete the work independently through its own navigation and sensor without manual intervention.

2. Different cleaning areas

Vacuum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner will be equipped with multiple suction heads. In addition to the ground cleaning, different brush heads can be replaced, and the positions of sofa, wardrobe, bed and wall can be cleaned, and household appliances can be dust removed. Besides the mite brush head, mites can be cleaned for sofa and bed.
Sweeping robot: the positioning of the sweeping machine is the cleaning of the ground of the home. Because the cleaning does not require manual intervention, only the ground cleaning work can be carried out.
In short, the vacuum cleaner is positioned to clean the whole room; The robot is positioned to clean the ground.

3. Different ways of using

The vacuum cleaner needs to be used manually to achieve the purpose of cleaning; The robot has an artificial intelligence system, which can operate independently by turning on the switch.
As for the choice, please take a seat
Whether it is a sweeper or a vacuum cleaner, it uses the same basic, that is, cleaning at home, but each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be selected according to its own needs.

What kind of person is suitable for vacuum cleaners?

Small and disorderly living environment

If you live in a small environment and things are more disorderly, it is recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner. Because the robot can clean in such an environment, which has more obstacles and is easily trapped, and the vacuum cleaner can absorb the head

There are pets at home

Hair cleaning is always disturbing. Except for the sticky areas of hair on the ground, desktop, sofa, clothing, bed mat, etc., the floor cleaning robot can not be used enough. The vacuum cleaner can achieve the cleaning effect of the whole house by matching different suction heads.

Large area carpet
If you have a large area of carpet, it is recommended that you give priority to vacuum cleaners. Because the vacuum cleaner has more suction, it is more suitable for deep cleaning.

What kind of person is suitable for buying a sweeping robot?

Large living environment

First, large-scale cleaning labor will be very tiring, and the robot can clean independently, which is very convenient. You can imagine it as a vacuum cleaner that can move and work independently. The sweeping robot is especially suitable for large and orderly homes. Without too many obstacles, the higher the cleaning efficiency is, and it also has the function of automatic recharge and breakpoint endurance, which is very suitable for large-area users.

Busy working hours

For busy workers, they work hard every day. They don't want to move after they go home. They are busy and tired every day. They want to do something they like in their spare time, rather than being entangled by housework. Then the cleaning robot is your salvation. When you go to work, you can remotely operate the sweeper robot with your mobile phone. When you get home, the home is clean.

There are old people
For cleaning, the old man is always unable to do it, and has been working hard for a lifetime. Is it a pleasure for your parents? It is very convenient to turn on the switch to clean independently, and they no longer have to bend over and hump.

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