Basic composition of a robot vacuum

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Basic composition of a robot vacuum

The arrival of industrial revolution 4.0 has changed this era! Also change your living environment! In this era, robot service for you is no longer a fantasy! More and more sweeping robots have entered into thousands of households, starting the era of electronic nanny! As a new product, what is the specific composition of  robot vacuum?

A sweeping robot is composed of the following parts in terms of large parts:

1. The main engine is equivalent to the whole body of the machine

(1) Processor, which is the brain of the sweeping robot;

(2) Cover and body, which is the skeleton of the machine, most of the robots on the market are circular structure; It also includes some sensors and information receivers, so that the machine can realize the functions of collision avoidance, dropping, automatic return charging, etc;

(3) Driving wheel, this is the foot of the machine; Universal wheel, which is the direction guide wheel of the machine, plays the role of turning direction;

2. Important parts

(1) The function of a side brush is to collect dust and clean the driving wheel when the machine is cleaning;

(2) Suction port, which is the dust inlet of the sweeping robot, uses the suction of the motor to suck in the dust;

(3) Roller brush, which is the sharp edge of the machine, will be difficult to absorb the dust to sweep up, because the speed is fast, can also play the role of polishing the floor; But the disadvantage is that it can wind hair and is not an essential part of the sweeper;

(4) Dust box, this is the place where the machine loads dust. The volume varies from 0.3L to 1L. There will be antibacterial filtering materials in it, which will play the role of sterilization and filtration

(5) Batteries, the power source of machines, are generally divided into Ni MH batteries and lithium batteries. Relatively speaking, the life of lithium batteries is longer;

(6) Motor, this is the engine of the machine, the quality of the motor absolutely determines the service life of the machine, so the general big brand will choose imported motor;

(7) Cloth and water tank, the current sweeper will bring a piece of cloth behind the basic cloth and the water tank will bring their own water tank, while sweeping at the same time to achieve the effect of mopping the floor.

(8) Other accessories, generally charging base, cleaning brush, free supplies, etc.

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