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Freemove Technical Advantages


Simple structure with few failures

The FreeMove all-in-one body solves wear, deformation, and dust accumulation problems of the conventional mechanical bumper designs.




More comprehensive and sensitive electronic sensing

FreeMove replaces the conventional mechanical bumpers with electronic sensor fusion based collision detection system. Using FreeMove, the robot vacuum cleaner can detect collisions from all directions, whereas with a mechanical bumper, only collision from the front side can be detected. The higher sensitivity of the electronic sensor can prevent the robot from being trapped under furniture.

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  • Lefant is a High-tech company which is specialized in the development and large-scale manufacturing of service-oriented robot technology, and committed to becoming the world's leading robot enterprise.
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  • We're committed to becoming the world's leading robot enterprise.

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In order to protect the robot vacuum cleaner itself and furniture from damage when cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaners on the market today come with anti-collision features. Today, we will talk to you about this anti-collision function of the robot vacuum cleaner.

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